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LED Module

LED modules: what are they?

Light emitting diode (LED) modules are devices that are self-contained and contain a chain of LED emitters which make up the light. It is the perfect lighting solution for a wide range of applications, from channel letters and advertising to narrow profiles that are hard to light with traditional bulbs, lamps or tubing due to their slim designs.

What is the difference between an LED bulb and an LED module?

A LED is a type of light that is created by converting electrical energy into light. Continuing along with the LED light formation process – a module is a device that contains a number of LED bulbs, connected to one fixture that is powered by a battery that allows all of the bulbs to operate at the same time.

The LED module is made up of what kind of material?

Materials such as gallium nitride emit blue and UV light, while indium gallium nitride emits colors ranging from blue to deep red when illuminated. It should be noted that many LED modules, known as RGB LED modules, contain multiple LEDs in red, green, and blue colors, and they can all be combined in various ways in order to produce a wide range of colors.

In what way do they work?

It is possible to use LED light modules for a wide range of applications. It is possible to operate them alone or to plug them into a fixture that is compatible with them.

In some cases, such as linear light modules, LED light modules can be connected by a pin base connection, while in other cases, such as channel letter LED modules, LED light modules are connected by a wire connection. It is possible to find some that come with an adhesive back so that they can be attached to the fixture during installation.

It is possible to install LED light modules into new fixtures or retrofit old fixtures with LED light modules. It is possible to retrofit traditional bulb fixtures with integrated LED modules that are available from some manufacturers.

It is possible to create new lighting designs with integrated LED fixtures. As a result of not having to accommodate a traditional bulb style, manufacturers can be free to design new and unique fixtures.

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