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China LED Lights Manufacturer

Specialized in Led Strip Light, Led Neon Strip, Cabinet Sensor Lights and Holidays Lights

CE & LVD & EMC & ROHS & FCC & REACH & ERP2.0 Certificates

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LannoxLED is a factory that manufactures LED strip lights in China. We mainly manufacture flexible SMD LED strip lights, led aluminum profiles, led linear lights, cabinet lights, and led down lights. Over 13 years of experience in Asia, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, and North America markets. For the European market, we have CE/ROHS certification, while for the North American market, we have FCC/IC certification. We listen carefully to your request, make the order according to your request, and we place a high priority on service as well as products. Lannox LED factory welcomes you!

All our LED lights, we offer a 5-Year Warranty to guarantee their quality. Each LED strip light, driver, controller, and accessory we manufacture is made with only the highest quality components.

We are committed to providing high-end, high quality products to customers, all our LED lights are ETL, CE, RoHS, EMS, LVD, ERP listed. We can meet customer’s demand of various certifications.

We do not set minimum order quantity for standard products. Customized products depend on the details, generally MOQ is 500 meters for strip, 1000kg for LED aluminum profiles.

LED strip lights are available in a variety of colors (single and changing), lengths, and intensities here. In addition to wireless, wall-mount and remote dimming, LannoxLED offers very short to extremely long lengths of strips. With our weatherproof flex strips, these strips can be used indoors and outdoors. Low profile LED strip lights are ideal for linear lighting or for tight spaces. There are many common applications for LED under-cabinet lighting such as cove lighting, lit stairs, bar lights, signage, display lighting, car strip lighting, deck lighting, etc.

Your Holidays Will Be More Vibrant With LED Holiday Lights. Adding LED Holiday String Lights to any room will give it a festive feel. You can create a unique lighting effect with these lights thanks to their easy-to-use, remote-controlled design. These stylish and durable lights are perfect for weddings, holidays, parties, and other celebrations. The LannoxLED Halloween Lights, Curtain Lights, Christmas Lights, and Holiday Decor Lights will add more color and depth to your home this holiday season. Check out our selection of outdoor and indoor Halloween lights, Christmas lights, and Christmas tree lights!

The primary reason for LED lighting’s popularity is that it is energy-efficient. Nevertheless, our LED strip has revolutionized the way we think about lighting as well.

You don’t have to hang a bulb from a ceiling or place lamps strategically to light a room. With its self-adhesive backing,
flexible nature, and waterproof properties, our LED Strip is suitable for a variety of applications. The product is often used above and below wall units and underfloor units in kitchens, around mirrors in bathrooms, behind coving in living rooms, or even behind furniture in homes. The use of lighting for commercial purposes includes the illumination of signs, retail displays, schools, and production lines.

In addition to the remote control, we also offer touch-sensitive wall controllers, WiFi devices, and traditional switches that can be used to operate our LED strip lights. Since our LED Strips are dimmable, you can adjust the light level based on the location of the LED strips. Choose from green, white, red, pink, blue, orange, or even colour-changing lights.

Instead of fluorescent tubes or capsule-type halogen spotlights, LED strip lights offer the following benefits:

  • The lifespan of LED lights is much longer than that of halogen or fluorescent lights, LED Strip lights provide strong, even illumination

  • The energy consumption of LED strip lighting is up to 90% lower than that of halogen and 50% lower than that of fluorescent tubes

  • With its self-adhesive backing, LED strip lighting is easy to install

  • Compared to halogen lighting, LED strip lights produce very little heat

  • There is a full range of white colour temperatures and no UV light emitted from our LED light strips.

  • LED strip lights are also waterproof to IP65 or IP68, and they run on a low voltage 12V, making them safer in moist environments.

  • You only see the light when you use LED strip lighting because of its super slim design

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LannoxLED is China’s leading LED tape light manufacturer, offering a wide range of innovative lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Are you looking for waterproof outdoor LED ribbon lights? Or

custom LED tapes

for your design project?All your lighting projects can be handled by LannoxLED. You don’t have to take our word for it. See some of our clients’ creative LEDs projects.

Inspire Creative Lighting With LannoxLED !

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