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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Common FAQs Asked by our Clients about our LED lights.

Is your company a trading company or a factory?

Our company is a factory located in Shenzhen, founded in 2012. If you plan to visit our factory, we will pick you up in Shenzhen.

What is your company's main product?

Our company mainly produces LED strip lights and LED pixel lights. In order to meet the demands of customers one-stop purchasing, we also provide related accessories, such as led controllers, power supplies and connectors, etc.

What is the average lifespan of LED lights?

According to theory, it has a lifespan of 50000 hours. However, LED drivers and chips are the ones who determine this. If the led lights are powered by good LED drivers and chips, the lifetime should be 7 years. It has been more than 7 years since we produced our led floodlights, and they are still working well.

What is the minimum order quantity for your product?

We do not set minimum order quantity for standard products. Customized products depend on the details, generally MOQ is 500 meters for strip, 1000kg for LED LED bar lights.

What is your company's delivery?

Sample: 1~4 working days.Mass production:5~15 working days after confirmation.All products is standard products ,Customized products depend on the detail of products

What is your company's warranty policy?

Our standard products are 3-year warranty, some products are 5-year warranty. For Product quality problems, we generally redeliver or refund.

Where do you want your LED Strips?

Will it be primary lighting, feature lighting, or ambient lighting? Are the textures and reflectiveness of surrounding surfaces suitable?

Top tip- the goal is to see the lighting effect but not the actual light source; otherwise you will see the individual LEDs as ‘dots’ of light, rather than a smooth wash effect. If the LED strip is going to be in view (ceiling LED lights, for example), then you can use one of our LED extrusion profiles to diffuse the individual LEDs and create a smooth, even light-bar.

How bright / intense do you want the light emmitted to be?

Different effects and light-levels can be produced by different types, numbers and colours of LEDs on a strip, and by the use of extrusions or profiles.

(To test your chosen position, you can temporarily install an LED strip with masking tape, and then fix the strip using its self-adhesive only when you’re happy with the final effect.)

Is there moisture in the location?

DifStandard LED Strips have an IP rating of IP20 – but for use in damp, splash-prone or wet areas, or in exterior locations, you can choose moisture-resistant (IP65) or waterproof (IP67) Strips instead.

How will your LED tape be switched on and off?

Do you want to control several zones or areas independently from a single dimmer or controller?

All of Lannox LED Strips are made to commercial – grade standards and tested to ensure they produce consistent color quality.

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