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12V LED Strip Light

Wholesale 12V Flexible LED Strip Lights

This 12V LED strip light is ideal for lighting professionals, it can be used for architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, etc. Dimming is easy with our optional Class 2 Electronic Dimmable Drivers. Marked intervals can be cut.

If you’re looking for DIY accent and task lighting around the home, LED flex strip lights are a great place to start. In addition to under cabinet lighting and cove lighting, flexible LED strips are great for shelf lighting, handrail lighting, and many other applications. You can choose between waterproof and non-waterproof strips, as well as high density (60 LEDs/m) or standard density (30 LEDs/m) options. Easy installation is made possible by the double-sided 3M adhesive tape that comes with them. The power source is 12VDC!

Lighting professionals can use this lighting for architectural lighting, sign letter lighting, concealed lighting, perimeter lighting, and more. There is a flat, flexible base with an easy-to-stick on backing and a low profile. Commercial lighting applications benefit from the low voltage of this lighting. These can be cut to size (at marked interval points) and joined by soldering (by experienced individuals) or by using our quick connectors.

Since the surrounding lighting is typically 4100K, most commercial applications would use Pure or Day White LED Strips. We offer LED Strips with CRIs of 80-90 or higher. A higher CRI means a whiter color. Warm white incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs are still used in most homes. For most homes, 3000K LED strips are a good choice.

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