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RGB / RGBW Strip Light

Wholesale RGB / RGBW Strip Light

The RGB+W LED Strip Light is our first strip with both color changing and white LEDs. It combines two powerful strip lights into one: RGB color-changing LEDs that alternate with white LEDs that are high in brightness. When you need a quality warm-white, this LED strip is for you. The lights mix to make any color you can imagine. Installing the strips requires minimal electrical knowledge, since they are easy to use. With its flexible construction, 3M adhesive backing, and cut-to-size design, the strip makes it easy to elevate any indoor space.

The RGB and RGBW strip lights are multi-color strip lights with LEDs attached to them that are flexible. Party and entertainment venues use RGB strip lighting, while designers use RGBW light in ceiling LED lighting to give a beautiful decorative look. It is very durable to have RGB & RGBW lighting, and you can dim them according to your mood.

With a 5-year warranty, our RGB strip lights are UL-listed and the highest quality color changing light strips available. Our mission is to transform your living spaces into functional art by providing innovative lighting solutions.

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