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5050 LED Strip Light

Wholesale 5050 LED Strip Light

Powered by standard household voltage, this LED strip does not need bulky power supplies or anything else…that’s taken care of by a small DC rectifier on the power cord that comes with it. These linear lights boast 180 Lumens per foot, making them a very bright and cost-effective option for linear lighting applications indoors and outdoors. They run at 2.3W/foot, resulting in an efficacy of 100 Lumens! Strips can be cut every half-meter and come in nine different custom lengths from short to extremely long. The AC 5050 LED Flex strip is an excellent linear lighting solution for customers looking for a quick and simple solution.

Thanks to its impressively strong 3M adhesive, LannoxLED 24VDC 5050 SMD RGB+W LED Strip offers great value for money, as it can stick to any clean surface. Waterproof and non-waterproof 5050 LED Strips are available with high lumens. Lighting under cabinets, coves, backs, and residential homes can all benefit from it.

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