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5730 LED Strip Light

Wholesale 5730 LED Strip Light

LannoxLED 5730 Mid-power LED package offers full color options from UV to IR. Neon strips, ambient lighting, mood lighting, landscape engineering all benefit from its great quality light.

Your lighting experience will be enhanced by high quality mini LED bulbs. In comparison to incandescent lights, they consume up to 70% less power. They are safe to touch, do not overheat, and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. A thin, flexible plastic strip makes up these LED strip lights, which can easily be wrapped and placed wherever you like. A connector (not included) can be used to connect them every three LED bulbs. The lights are powered by a 12V adapter (not included), which provides a steady stream of energy and allows them to stay lit for an extended period of time. Connector (not included) – 12V 5A Length – 16ft LED size – 5730 Bulb lifetime – 50k hrs Can be cut every 3 LEDs and linked together by a connector (not included). 300 ultra bright, high quality LED bulbs Not waterproof.

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