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Led Strip Light

In LED strips, tapes, and ribbon lights, surface-mount light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) and other components are mounted on a flexible circuit board that usually has an adhesive backing.

LED Strip Lights: What are they?

A LED strip light, also known as an LED tape light, is a small linear light that you’ve probably seen a lot but never really noticed. A flexible printed circuit board is attached to an array of LED chips of various sizes. For mounting to clean and dry surfaces, a double-sided adhesive is applied to the backside of the PC board.

In tight spaces, these strips can be used in hundreds of different ways and are easily hidden.

Lighting strips can be cut and reconnected to create customized linear accent, task, and exterior lighting. Brightness (lumens), color (kelvin) and color changing options are available for our strip lights.

What is the working principle of LED light strips?

LEDs are manufactured with different color temperatures, so half of the LEDs have a lower temperature and half have a higher temperature, allowing the strip to produce any color temperature between the two color temperatures.

LED Strips: Benefits

Lighting has been revolutionized by LED strip lights. The advantages of LED strips range from being highly efficient to having longer life cycles. Led strip lights are flexible circuit boards of LEDs that can be mounted to virtually any surface you want to illuminate. Strips of LED are available in a variety of colors and brilliance levels.

Easily adjustable

Strips of LED can be cut to any length. Any LED strip can be customized to fit the exact needs of your project, from a few inches to several feet in length.

Strips can be curved vertically up to 90 degrees. The advantage of LED light strips is that they can be installed in places that were previously inaccessible.

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from

LED strips are available in a wide range of colors ranging from white to any color you can imagine. The exact color and brightness of your RGB LED strip lights can be set and controlled using a controller and RGB LED strip lights.

Featuring a super thin design

Despite the fact that LED strips are only 1/16″ thick, they can be easily installed in tight spaces, and can also be easily hidden from a plan view as they are only 1/16″ thick.

It is easy to install and doesn’t require any special skills,LED strip lights come with a durable 3M tape on the back which makes it easy to attach them to a wide variety of surfaces since the tape has a wide range of adhesion properties.

Lighting that can be dimmed

With the help of home lighting systems, DMX controllers and dimming controllers, as well as remote controls, LED strip lights can be dimmed in a variety of ways. As a result, you will be able to set the perfect mood for your event!

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