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2835 LED Strip Light

Wholesale 2835 LED Strip Light

For a modern home, LED strips are essential. Despite taking up little space, it brilliantly illuminates the area. In every home, this base model 2835 LED strip provides the necessary illumination.

In this case, 2835 LED refers to the size of the LED chip mounted on a strip light, which is 28mm x 35mm.

The LannonLED 2835 LED strip light series has a high level of brightness. Each led emits 20-22 lumens at 60 mA. Power consumption is about 0.2 watts. There are two types of Ra80: Ra80 and Ra90. There is an option for DC12V and DC24V.

Our LED light strip lineup has been expanded with 2835 LED strip lights. The LED light strip is more efficient than other LED light strips on the market. 2835 LED light strips are 20% brighter than 5050 LED light strips, but consume less power. You can use this 2835 LED light strip for both large and small projects.

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