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Cabinet Sensor Lights

Cabinet lights: what are they?

Here’s everything you need to know about under cabinet lighting…
Under cabinet lighting refers to lighting installed under cabinets that illuminates the area immediately below a row or section of cabinets. In kitchen areas, where additional lighting is useful for food preparation, it is most commonly used.

How does cabinet lighting work?

Cabinet lighting refers to cabinet-specific lighting fixtures. Different lights serve different purposes and bring different effects to a space. The first thing we need to know is that there are many types of cabinet lighting.

Cabinet lighting types

The main purpose of cabinet lighting is to decorate cabinets. There are five types of cabinet lighting: inside cabinet lights, under cabinet and counter lights, laminate lights, drawer lights, and floor lights.

Today, cabinet lighting has evolved from simple quartz lamps (spotlights) to dedicated fixtures for each part of the cabinet after years of development.

As time has passed, it has also evolved from the original halogen light source to the fluorescent light source, and then to the LED light source, meeting the needs of safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

Cabinet lights serve a variety of purposes

1. Some cabinet lighting will be mounted on the small open frame of the light source cabinet or at the bottom of the cabinet. To create a special atmosphere and space, the cabinet lighting source should be placed in the wall, wall skirt, or skirting line, highlighting the owner’s living habits and preferences.

2. In kitchens with very simple and generous cabinet designs, cabinet lighting makes the simple design more pure and simple, bringing a more direct and pragmatic style.

3. Embedded LED lighting in the open cabinet is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-heat, and can provide sufficient light under the premise of low power consumption.

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