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3528 LED Strip Light

Wholesale 3528 LED Strip Light

With our waterproof LED strip kit, you can experience the convenience of LEDs. This LED strip kit features 60 LEDs per meter and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can effortlessly control the brightness and create customised lighting effects with the included RF remote dimmer and 3A transformer. You will enjoy the ease of RF remote-controlled lighting with our SMD3528 Waterproof LED Strip Kit.

The Lannox LED company is one of the best 3528 LED strip light manufacturers in China. This series of Lannox LED 3528 LED strip lights is highly efficient and bright. Each led consumes 20ma and emits 7-8 lumens. There were Ra80 and Ra90 available. Vision for DC12V and DC24V. In hotels, shopping malls, and kitchens, 60LED/m 4.8W LED strip light is widely used. We welcome customized lengths and designs.

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