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Good Quality 5v pixel led lights pixel led light ws2811 tira led pixel


  • Color Temperature(CCT) : RGB
  • Input Voltage(V) : 5v/12V, 5V/12V/custom
  • Warranty(Year) : 1-Year
  • Type : LED Modules
  • Support Dimmer : NO
  • Lighting solutions service : Lighting and circuitry design, Onsite metering, Project Installation
  • Luminous Efficacy(lm/w) : 100
  • Lifespan (hours) : 15000
  • Working Time (hours) : 10000
  • Product Weight(kg) : 0.15
  • Chip Material : Gaas, AlGaInP
  • Emitting Color : Tri-Color(Red-Blue-Green)
  • Luminous Intensity : 90
  • Luminous Flux(lm) : 100
  • Optical Attenuation(%) : 1
  • Power : 0.72
  • Power Dissipation : 0.72
  • Viewing Angle(°) : 180
  • Color Rendering Index(Ra) : 90
  • Color Temperature : RGB
  • Operating Temperature(℃) : -25 – 45
  • Storage Temperature(℃) : -35 – 65
  • Place of Origin : Guangdong, China, Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name : MAGY VALOT
  • Product Number : 2811 led pixel
  • Color : RGB
  • Application : Christmas lights
  • IP Grade : IP68
  • Dimension : 12mm
  • Length : About 3.5m per string
  • Feature : led piexls string
Products Description
WS2811-Bullet Pxeil String
WS2811 IC
WS2811 IC
RGB Full Dream Color, 24-bit
DC5V /12V
0.3W / Led
Waterproof Grade
Led Quantity
50pcs leds per string
Aboout 3.5m per string
Wire Color
Green Wire
working temperature
Full color Pixels are digitally-controllable lights you can set to any color, or animate.
Each RGB LED and controller chip is molded into a ‘dot’ of silicone.
The dots are waterproof and rugged.
There are four flanges molded in so that you can ‘push’ them into a 12mm drill hole in any material up to 1.5mm/0.06″ thick.
They are typically used to make outdoor signs. Compared to our other 20mm LED dots.
These are diffused 8mm LEDs so they are not as bright but they color mix a little nicer.
The pixels are connected by a 3-conductor cable. Red is +5V(or +12V), white is Ground, green is Data and Data is shifted down from
one pixel to the next so that you can easily cut the strand or attach more onto the end.
Each dot is digitally controlled, with an internal 5-bit PWM LED driver (15-bit color for 32,768 different shades).
The pixels must be clocked by a microcontroller.
The pixels use 8mm diffused RGB LEDs.
with brightness of about 300 mcd per individual r/g/b LED.
Lamp Power(W)




Model Number



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