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Best LED Light Manufacturer in China

LannoxLED have been manufacturing LED lights for more than 12 years.
LannoxLED is your best choice if you need a reliable LED lights supplier and manufacturer.

LannoxLED have been continuously manufacturing lighting since 2011. They have always considered the customer experience to be the most important driving factor on how they approach their lighting designs. LannoxLED have noticed needs in the industry time and again and proactively sought out answers to create customer-focused innovations with form following function. It’s no wonder that they have taken LannoxLED to be a major stakeholder in the lighting manufacturing industry.

Not only is James Bond Lee President, but all of the members of their company are treated as family. It is a 50,00 square meters state of the art facility, which employs over 70 people and all of them enjoy their job. Thanks to this engaging environment that LannoxLED have created to make everyone feel comfortable. Both James and Kevin know that the best workers are those who are appreciated and celebrated. Happy employees make better products and are willing to go the extra mile to get things done right first time and have continually proven that Chinese made ingenuity focuses on the customer experience. State of the art equipment and trusting in the LannoxLED Family will always lead to top of the range products and happy customers.

The customization process begins when a potential customer comes to us with a specific lighting requirement. The customer support team will work with the customer to fully understand their needs. At this stage a detailed discussion is held to determine the required specifications such as strip length, colour temperature, brightness, waterproofing and any other specific features required for the intended application.

After gathering all relevant information, our technical team will prepare a customized proposal and product design based on the customer’s requirements. The technical proposal outlines the recommended LED strip model, components and any necessary accessories, providing a clear picture of the final product. Manufacturers can also show samples or virtual mock- ups to help customers visualise the bespoke LED strip solution.

Once the technical proposal is complete, the dedicated sales team will prepare a detailed quotation for the customised product. The quotation includes itemised costs for components, labour, tooling (if applicable) and any other associated costs. The quotation is presented to the customer for review and negotiation. Discussions are held to ensure mutual understanding and agreement on final product specifications, pricing, lead times and any other relevant terms and conditions.

Once the order is confirmed, the factory begins the custom manufacturing process. The production team assembles the LED strip according to the agreed product design and specifications. Specialised machinery may be used to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Throughout the production process, stringent quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the custom LED strip meets the highest standards.

Quality checks may include visual inspection, electrical testing and performance evaluation to ensure that products meet customer requirements and industry standards. Manufacturers also maintain communication with customers, providing regular updates on production progress and resolving any queries or issues in a timely manner.

Once production has been successfully completed and the final quality inspection has been passed, the customized LED strips are carefully packaged and ready for delivery to the customer.LED strip manufacturers are always committed to ensuring that their customers receive a high quality, bespoke lighting solution that meets their specific needs, making the entire customization process a collaborative and seamless experience.

customer cases - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox

As an LED lighting solution provider, we have always adopted the most advanced production equipment to provide our customers with the best LED lighting solutions. LED lighting products produced by our company are high-quality, high-brightness, and high-efficient because of the latest equipment and technology.

Spray test - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
Spray test
Integrating ball test - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
Integrating ball test
Bend test - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
Bend test
Yellowing resistance test - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
Yellowing resistance test
Yamaha Equipments - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
Yamaha Equipments
Constant temperature and humidity testing - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
Constant temperature and humidity testing
SMD heating - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
SMD heating
COB curing machine - Best LED Light Manufacturer in China - Lannox
COB curing machine
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